Something that you guys might have noticed about me is that I never go out bare lipped! The last thing I always do when putting on my face is applying the perfect lip for the day. Last Fall I talked about trying a purple lip to add drama for the season, but Spring is a […]

This outfit reminded me of one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl! We were actually around Uptown Manhattan when we shot this, which is where the show was filmed! I love how preppy this look is! This is actually a dress layered over the amazing ‘backward’ top which you might remember from my Eyes Forward Shirt Backwards  post! That’s what happens when you change in a car- you really have to get creative! The collar peaking over the neck of the dress is the perfect little preppy touch. You really have to get creative with versatile pieces! That’s why I always tell you guys, invest in that statement piece but really focus on having the staple closet pieces, like this white button up! Although this outfit is a bit more girly than my usual menswear inspired looks, it worked so well as I was walking around Uptown channeling my inner Blair in this preppy outfit!

If you follow me on snapchat (@chrisellelim) you’d know what I had my hair tied back for most of New York Fashion Week because of the humidity! Aside from the fact that I have really coarse hair & it would have gotten so frizzy if I didn’t tie it back . . . I tie my hair back now because I’ve just learned to embrace my forehead .. aka five-head! When I was a kid, I was teased about it a lot so its kind of been embedded in my head that my forehead wasn’t an attractive feature. Even though I’ve grown up, I’m still trying to embrace my imperfections. Now that I have Chloe, and she’s inherited my big forehead, I hope that I can teach her to really love herself. I want her to love every single perfection and imperfection, because when I look at her she’s perfect to me. Although I know she’s going to grow up and go through things herself, I want to continuously remind myself that the only way I could teach her to love herself is to love myself first. And if that means tying my hair back and embracing my forehead, then I will!

What are some things you guys are insecure about? Share with me in the comments! Remember ..You can be wearing the most amazing outfit in the world, but confidence is is the most beautiful accessory you can wear. Happy Monday!